Amazonite – Amazon Warrior Queen Necklace.

My degree started as Classical Civilization combined with English Literature. It didn’t quite end up like that, (mostly because my eldest was born the in middle of my second year,) but I adored the time I spent in the classics department.

At Glasgow University the classics professors have the offices away in the eaves of the old building, both emotionally and physically removed from the modern world. I loved spending time there where I could hide and study and pretend to be working while day dreaming about ruined temples and sun bleached stones.

The mythology of the amazon tribes, female warriors who were feared on the battle field and extremely good archers, caught my attention and I read and re-read the accounts of Herodotus and the passages in Homer’s Illiad where they are discussed.

This is a rather round about way of explaining why I love amazonite, with all the blue green and aqua variations that is is found in. To pair it with turquoise just seems such an easy combination.

So I made a necklace, which you can have a look at here.

If you would like to know more about gemstones then follow this link to an exellent site.


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