Tutorial – Moss Agate Necklace “Apple Blossom”

I thought that you might be interested to see how a piece of my jewellery is created.

Generally I start with an idea, or a colour combination that pleases me. This mornings project is my “Apple Blossom” necklace and it began with a moss quartz pendant I had in my collection.   (I’ll blog another day about how these pendants are made.)

The first image is the beads from my kit I’m going to use to make up the necklace. Rose Quartz coin beads and small round beads, some adventurine small round beads and some tiny seed beads of dark pink to compliment. The tiny beads need to be in the design to space out the more expensive stones, but I’ve found that your eye doesn’t “see” somehow. A necklace made without these spacing beads looks too cluttered and busy. The seed beads allow the valuable gemstone beads to shine somehow. (Sounds like another blog entry to follow on with and without seed beads… I’m just making myself more work.)

Moss Quartz is wonderful, in this example pale pink quartz with dark green markings. My choice of rose quartz and adventurine simply echos those colours and highlights the beautiful natural markings in the pendant.

Because the pendant is square in design I instinctively want to work with round and coin shaped beads, and to group those in odd numbers. The great thrill of designing jewellery is that I work on a bead board to layout all the stones before I begin to string them, so if something doesn’t look right then I can just start again.

Here is the necklace a third strung. The section you can see will be the top left side of the necklace. The top most section which will take one of the closure findings and because it will be mostly hidden from view tends to be more plain and simple. The pattern between the two coin beads will be repeated around the necklace and will take the pendant attachment when we reach the mid-point. In this necklace the repeat pattern will be 1x rose quartz coin, 3x rose quartz rounds, 3x adventurine rounds, 3x rose quartz rounds, 1x rose quartz coin.

The finished necklace, closed with a silver lobster clasp and extender chain. I disrupted the pattern at the section around the pendant to hold the pendant in place and also to draw attention to the pendant.

I hope that this tutorial has been useful. It’s actually very useful to have to explain this process so carefully, as I normally just trust my instincts and allow the necklace to develop organically. I didn’t realise I put so much thought into balance and colour choices.

I’ll get this necklace up for sale on my etsy page and will attach a link to the blog when I finish.

Joanna x


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