Bad Blogger

I’ve committed that most serious of new blogger mistakes. I stopped blogging.

I had been rather disciplined and was very carefully writing a little every day, storing up ready to publish posts and gathering images as I went along.  However, it went a little off. So I’m sorry. Real life seemed to catch up with me. I’ll do better from now on.

I have got lots and lots to tell you all about though. Let me show you the commissions that I finished today, just before I package them up for a trip to the post office. (In the pouring rain, sob.)


First we have a triple strung grey mix necklace made with Labradoite, silver freshwater pearls, black onyx, hematite  rose quartz, striped jasper and moonstone.


Second a monochrome necklace made from white and peacock freshwater pearls and faceted black onyx, with earrings made of the black onyx.



Lastly some stunning white Biwa pearls strung with Labradoite.


All of these were bespoke for my client, but I could create something similar if required.

I’m off to the post office after I find my waders. x




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