Christmas Preparations.

I’m in the middle of the panic month for Christmas  In my diary I have seven craft fair type events between now and mid December.

I think I need to get organised and work on my presentation  The children and I went hunting in the park for a suitable branch to be “planted” in plaster of paris in a large plant pot, in order that I can hang necklaces from the branches. I’m rather pleased with the end result and think it should really help with the appearance of my stall. I trialed it at a local Macmillan coffee morning and it was commented on kindly.

I need to work on some signs. The space hanging from the front of my stall is currently wasted so I shall fill that with a good clear explanation of who I am and what I do.

The ceramic bowls are black with turquoise inside, so they are great for children’s wooden bracelets or mobile phone charms for the teenagers. I should take a full length mirror so that customers can try on my work and see how it looks.

I’d like to have some way that customers could pay by credit or debit card and have heard of a fancy app that allows a smartphone or tablet to serve this purpose, so I’ve tasked my darling husband with this.

One of the events is a two day extravaganza so I’m planning to take my crafting desk and tools so I can work during the day. I’m hoping it will generate some interest, and of course I can make alterations to suit a client needs.

So I’m going to be very very busy. Please wish me luck. I think the temptation to hide under the covers is going to get stronger as we get nearer to Christmas.

I’m off to Handmade Monday to get some advice from the other crafty people who are no doubt better organised that I am.


Armfuls of bracelets.

In the next few weeks I have several coffee morning or school shopping night events booked. These events are really good fun and I always say yes if I am free to attend. They are excellent sources of cake and personal shopping (I will hope to stock the dreaded Christmas List from such events and in the process help and support other crafters.) I like meeting and networking with other small businesses in my local area and there is also normally a charity to raise funds for, the great good that we are all gathered together.


However, these are not events at which I expect to sell my reasonably expensive sterling silver jewellery. This is not always the case – one memorable summer I sold £250 of necklaces and earrings in a few hours, from an event that I hoped to make my pitch back from and have a nice sociable afternoon far removed from my children.

I learned a while back that coffee morning events are more successful in hard cash terms if I arrive with lots of pretty (read cheap) sparkly pieces. So I take a large basket of bracelets priced under £8 which can be more easily explained to grumpy husbands at evening time.

Reasoning that my stock of said bracelets and key charms was depleted I have spent today on this project. It is always rather good fun as I look at my box of odd beads, the leftover groups of 3 or 5 beads from a completed project, or the rejected beads from a selection that were somehow too large or too small for the necklace they were bought for. I’m rather pleased with lots of these. I’m hoping that my coffee morning ladies are too. I’m off to Handmade Harbour. to see what the other crafters have been doing this week. I’ll let you all know how the cakes at the coffee morning rate. I may even have to take some photos and blog all about it! Joanna x

I do love it when the postman brings me parcels. Particularly when they are actually for me, not emergency triangles for the car (darling hubbie) or peppa pig figures (youngest daughter.)This morning was a great parcel. My new business cards from who are my newest best friend and can do amazing things with their fancy printers.

My cards are connected to my and accounts so I followed links from their sites to allow me to their logo on my cards. Ten minutes to follow the template, upload some of my images (I cropped an image of white pearls to get an extra long image for the edge of the card) and off to the moo printer they go. I ordered these on Monday and they are here on Thursday morning.

There are normal sized business cards, which feel strong and reliable. They are for normal use and so I’ve put both craft shop addresses on them.

These are the tiny mini-moo cards, which I adore and will be really useful as price tags and to attach to gift wrapped boxes.

So there really is no reason why everyone can’t have cool business cards to hand out. For new businesses, for bloggers out socializing, even just for yummy mummies who need to hand out their contact details. I highly recommend Go and have some fun designing your own. You get 10% off your order if you follow the link below.

Breathe, hold and relax

Today is day five in my reclaimed life.

The toddlers (aged 4 and 3) are happily playing at nursery, where they will be every weekday until lunchtime. I adore them, and our elder daughter too of course, but together they make so much noise and mess. Indulgent tasks like writing a blog or designing and making some new jewellery were out of the question. As I write this I have scalding hot coffee on the table beside me. I would not have brave enough to attempt hot coffee and own task with the monsters beside me.

Anyway, so I am MyTuruqoiseQueen. I’ve been designing gemstone jewellery for a few years but am self taught. I’ve spent the first few mornings tidying up my folksy and etsy pages. I’m going to photograph and list all the existing pieces in my collection and then start on some new creations.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you all.

Joanna x