October Giveaway

I’m really enjoying this blogging lark. It’s been 7 weeks since I started – the toddler monsters are happily settled into nursery every week day morning, and I feel as though I have a life back.

So I thought I should celebrate with all the new friends and followers that I have gathered since August 21st. I’m going to run a giveaway and let one lucky person win my Black Onyx Bracelet.

Black Onyx is a gemstone I adore and love working with, so dark and moody and yet such a powerful stone. Onyx is associated with strength, stamina, courage and self-control, all things that I would definitively benefit from in my life! The bracelet is 7″ or 18cm long and is fastened with a sterling silver S clasp.

For complicated reasons I can’t seem to run this from my blog. Sorry. This is the first time I’ve done this and I am no doubt missing some crucial stage. However, it is up and running on the facebook page so if you would be so kind to scoot over there to tweet, follow, like or comment and you can collect entries. One entry per action. The raffle will run until Tuesday 16th October 1pm.  Any questions just let me know.

Facebook –


Armfuls of bracelets.

In the next few weeks I have several coffee morning or school shopping night events booked. These events are really good fun and I always say yes if I am free to attend. They are excellent sources of cake and personal shopping (I will hope to stock the dreaded Christmas List from such events and in the process help and support other crafters.) I like meeting and networking with other small businesses in my local area and there is also normally a charity to raise funds for, the great good that we are all gathered together.


However, these are not events at which I expect to sell my reasonably expensive sterling silver jewellery. This is not always the case – one memorable summer I sold £250 of necklaces and earrings in a few hours, from an event that I hoped to make my pitch back from and have a nice sociable afternoon far removed from my children.

I learned a while back that coffee morning events are more successful in hard cash terms if I arrive with lots of pretty (read cheap) sparkly pieces. So I take a large basket of bracelets priced under £8 which can be more easily explained to grumpy husbands at evening time.

Reasoning that my stock of said bracelets and key charms was depleted I have spent today on this project. It is always rather good fun as I look at my box of odd beads, the leftover groups of 3 or 5 beads from a completed project, or the rejected beads from a selection that were somehow too large or too small for the necklace they were bought for. I’m rather pleased with lots of these. I’m hoping that my coffee morning ladies are too. I’m off to Handmade Harbour. to see what the other crafters have been doing this week. I’ll let you all know how the cakes at the coffee morning rate. I may even have to take some photos and blog all about it! Joanna x